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Welcome to The Dudley Group NHS Charity

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The Dudley Group NHS Charity makes a real difference to those being treated in our hospitals or in their own homes.
We are not about providing healthcare; charitable donations enable us to provide comfort and facilities above and beyond those which are provided by the NHS.
Enhancing a personís visit to us can make all the difference to their wellbeing, improving recovery and overall experience.
We owe a massive thanks to all of the wonderful people who support our charity.
Hopefully these pages will provide ideas and inspire you to raise money which will make a big difference to the patients who stay with us.  


Skydive for DGNHS Charity 
No experience required.  If you raise the minimum sponsorship you will get to jump for free.  Jump dates to suit you.  Interested?  Click here
Sponsored Fitness Challenge
Run, walk, row, swim or cycle 50 miles in 12 weeks. Sponsored event to be held at various local leisure clubs who are offering FREE 3-month memberships to participants.
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